Wire EDM High Precision Machining

Wire EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining) is a high-precision method of cutting any electrically conductive material (e.g. steel). The largest capacity we have is 21.7” x 14.6” x 12.2”, allowing us to precision machine fairly large components with the dimensional accuracy within +/- 0.0001”. We also offer small hole-drilling using a wire EDM hole-popper which provides extremely small holes (1mm) in the exact location necessary.

Experience You Can Depend On

If you have a need for a difficult part to be machined, let us help you determine the best method. Wire EDM is ideal for odd shaped angles, detailed contours, small intricate parts, and a variety of other challenging dimensions. Our staff has extensive experience and can be a great resource to help find solutions. Let our staff demonstrate how they can provide high quality products with intricate designs in the most cost-effective manner.

Do you need help?

Whether your project is large or small we want to speak with you. We have technical expertise in our shop not found many places in order to provide you with the absolute best tool and machine services available.