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women in manufacturing

Women in Manufacturing

By Manufacturing

The time has come for women in manufacturing to become common. According to the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, women represent about 47% of the workforce but only 29% of the manufacturing industry. That is a vast pool of untapped talent, and get this, there are projected to be more than 2 million total jobs to…

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Where Can I Get Metal Stamping Training?

By Metal Stamping

Becoming a Tool & Die Machinist can be an attractive career due to the growing metal fabrication industry and the important role of metal stamping in such manufacturing sectors as aerospace, automotive, defense, agriculture, telecommunications, electronics and healthcare, among others. Of course, the right mindset, skills, and training are essential to a successful and satisfying…

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The Career Path of a Tool and Die Machinist

By Machine Tool

For people in their employment years, having a good job goes beyond paying bills and sustaining life. It’s clear that job quality is very important to a person’s happiness and well-being. Job satisfaction leads to employee loyalty, engagement and retention. Said Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a…

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